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Our Vision

During 4 years of development and testing, we have proven that our measured results match the calculated and simulated performance in full-scale prototypes. 
AIR’s patented aerodynamic topology and flight control system enable a leap in maneuverability and practicality of electric aircraft – 
Summing up to a sport eVTOL that is easy to handle and can be used daily. 

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Our Impact

Creating a profound and positive change in the way people experience transportation

Our eVTOL technology is designed with a deep sense of responsibility towards the environment and society, encompassing the following key pillars:

Smart Mobility

By leveraging EV reliability and simplicity, we aim to reshape the way people move about, making air commute more efficient, accessible, and convenient. Our aircraft enable direct point-to-point travel, bypassing traditional transportation barriers and optimizing daily commutes.

Connectivity and Accessibility

We envision a future where everyone can access the benefits of air mobility. Our AIR ONE is designed with inclusivity in mind, offering a safe and reliable mode of transportation to a diverse range of use cases.

Safety and Reliability

We prioritize safety above all else. Our aircraft undergo rigorous testing and adhere to the highest industry standards established by the FAA, ensuring that AIR ONE users can trust the reliability and safety of our technology

Economic Growth

Our innovative technology has the potential to drive economic growth by creating new industry segments in general aviation, generating job opportunities, and fostering technological advancements that benefit various sectors.

Infrastrcture Impact

Our design requires minimal Infrastructure and personnel to operate, maintain, and service.
enabling faster set-up, lower operating costs and reduced workload

Inspiring Innovation

By pushing the boundaries of aviation technology, we inspire future generations of engineers, entrepreneurs, and innovators to think boldly and tackle global challenges with creative solutions

With only 

8 critical
moving parts 

AIR's unique design maximizes the efficiency of both wing borned flight with the simplicity of a fixed multi-rotor design.

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Advanced wing-rotor topology

up to 60% of lift

without the need of a tilt or push motor

Coupled with AIR's patented flight control system, Fly-By-Intent (TM), aircraft control is accomplished through power differentiation.
Simply point the joystick in the direction of intended flight and the aircraft will do the rest, stabilizing itself and scanning for hazards as you fly. 

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Our Values

At AIR, we are driven by our unwavering commitment to engineering excellence and pioneering the future of transportation through innovative eVTOL (electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing) solutions. Our core values form the foundation of our team's culture and guide us in every endeavor:

Engineering Excellence.jpg

Engineering Excellence

We pride ourselves on embracing a first-principles approach, ensuring that our eVTOL designs are cutting-edge, safe, and efficient, while* meeting and exceeding the highest standards of engineering craftsmanship

Environmental Stewardsh.jpg

Above All

We respect the laws of physics and prioritize safety in every aspect of our eVTOL development, ensuring the well-being of passengers, operators, and overall public.

Reliability and Accountability.jpg

Reliability and Accountability

We stand firm on our commitments, delivering eVTOL solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations. We take responsibility for our actions, ensuring the reliability of our products and services.

Innovation and Creativity.jpg

Innovation and Creativity

We encourage a culture of constant exploration and ingenuity, challenging conventional wisdom to push the boundaries of eVTOL technology and performance.

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AIR Timeline















First concept prototype flight

8ft concept prototype flight

600 pound demonstrator hover

60% scale prototype takeoff

60% scale prototype full envelope testing  

Full scale kickoff

Full scale hover

Full scale transition flight

Advanced test flights

AIR ONE flight.jpg
air 8ft.jpg



First Deliveries

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