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Another startup tosses its hat into the eVTOL race

No one has a crystal ball, but numerous companies believe electric vertical take-off and landing machines are a big part of the future. That includes a new startup...

22 Oct, 2021


A step closer to flying cars? Israeli startup is developing a two-seater vehicle that...

The all electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft will primarily be sold in the US, where the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) has ...

20 Oct, 2021


Meet the Air One, the New Two-Person eVTOL You Can Park in Your Garage

The personal aircraft has a top speed of 155 mph and a range of 110 miles

19 Oct, 2021


Israeli startup AIR unveils flying vehicle to be used 'like cars'

Israeli startup AIR on Tuesday unveiled its first "easy-to-operate" electric, vertical takeoff...

19 Oct, 2021

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Air targets mass production and fun with its One personal eVTOL

"Fun" and "playful" are just about the last things most eVTOL companies want to be seen as; air taxis will need to be exceptionally boring...

19 Oct, 2021


Israeli startup AIR unveils flying vehicle to be used 'like cars'

"Our focus is entirely personal," he said. "We're not talking about commercial flights, we're talking about people using this as they use cars."...

19 Oct, 2021

Israeli eVTOL startup AIR unveils a flying vehicle that also...

For many years, flying cars seem like what you see in fiction movies. But thanks to technological advances, more than a dozen startups...

19 Oct, 2021


Israel‌’s AIR joins urban mobility race with two-seater eVTOL vehicle

An Israeli company is throwing its hat into the growing market for electric air travel. AIR unveiled its plans for a two-seater electric...

19 Oct, 2021



Air this week unveiled the design for its two-seat eVTOL vehicle and announced that it is accepting preorders...

19 Oct, 2021


AIR Unveils AIR ONE: The eVTOL Empowering Consumers with the Freedom to Fly

As the eVTOL industry gains traction with a primary focus on air taxis and other urban use cases, AIR puts the freedom to fly directly...

19 Oct, 2021

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Israeli startup AIR unveils electric plane that takes off and lands vertically

After four years of operating in secret, the Israeli startup AIR unveiled its aerial vehicle Air One on Tuesday. It is a two-seater vehicle...

19 Oct, 2021


AIR Emerges from Stealth to Reimagine Personal Air Mobility with Consumer AirEVs

AIR came out of stealth today to transform personal mobility through the development of eVTOLs (electric vertical takeoff and landing)...

19 Jul, 2021