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Travel with AIR ONE

Comparing car travel to AIR ONE, the
advantages are clear.

Trip from Canada

Victoria              Vancouver



Distance (Miles)

Distance (Miles)


Time (min)


Time (min)

With AIR ONE, the future of efficient and convenient transportation soars to new heights, allowing owners unparalleled convenience of private, on demand flexibility.

Features And Specs

The AIR ONE can be charged at home using an installed adapter. Users will also be able to charge their AIR ONE at public EV fast DC charging stations with a standard CCS plug. Charging from an EV AC charging station is possible using a portable adapter that fits inside the AIR ONE’s luggage compartment. We have partnered with EV charging and infrastructure companies in order to provide AIR ONE users a large network of charging options.

Charging Time

0% to 100%

1 Hour

20% to 80%

30 min

ESOCKET Air One (7).jpg

The AIR ONE Trailer 

The AIR ONE is designed to fit into a trailer for extended transport. Customers will be provided an option to purchase a custom trailer for their AIR ONE.

Folding the wings is extremely simple due to AIR’s patented folding mechanism. The entire folding process can be completed by a single person in 5 minutes.

AIR V6 TRAILER.23 (1).jpg

7.87 ft |
2.4 m

AIR side view.jpg

24.6 ft | 7.5 m

19.2 ft | 5.86 m

7.54 ft |
2.3 m

The AIR ONE Console

The AIR ONE operates on “Fly-By-Intent™” technology- meaning that the aircraft is constantly maintaining a safe flight envelope and mitigating hazards. Simply point the AIR ONE in the direction of intended flight with the center joystick, and enjoy the flight as the aircraft maintains its direction, speed, and altitude until prompted otherwise. The design includes a secondary control stick to be used for flight training missions and as needed.

AIR ONE Console
AIR Payload


With a maximum payload capacity of 250 kg \550 lbs, The AIR ONE offers ample room for luggage and personal belongings. Travelers can utilize this space for various purposes, ensuring a seamless and comfortable journey. 

Passengers can store their suitcases, backpacks, and other travel essentials securely within the AIR ONE cabin.  

The AIR ONE accommodates a wide range of luggage requirements. With generous payload capacity, passengers can enjoy the freedom of efficient and
hassle-free travel while having their belongings alongside.

Collapsible Chair

Ensuring safety while maintaining the highest level of quality are among the obvious elements in the aircraft interior and can be seen in the collapsible bucket seat, which mixes a race car feel with luxury comfort.

Energy Absorbing Seats

Energy absorbing bucket seats come standard with the AIR ONE, giving all a feel of racing through the skies in a supercar-like electric aircraft.

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