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Kentucky Derby Debut Event

The Kentucky Derby Marked the first of several stops on AIR's prototype tour as well as the first public showing of the AIR ONE. Thousands of VIP guests and celebrities attending the world famous race were able to sit inside the AIR ONE and pilot it in the virtual reality simulator. The AIR ONE is planned to stay in the United States throughout the year and to set the ground for the establishment of AIR's U.S. operations facility and development center. 

May 2022

In the News

AIR Unveils Full-Scale eVTOL Prototype at the Kentucky Derby

AIR hosted celebrities and VIPs at the AIR ONE kickoff event in the exclusive Green Room reception area on-site. Guests were able to sit inside the sporty aircraft and experience virtual flight in the AIR ONE with AIR's simulation technology. 

May 09, 2022

Full-scale Air One eVTOL prototype unveiled at the Kentucky Derby

An interesting intersection between the future and past of human mobility this weekend, as Israeli company Air chose the Kentucky Derby to debut the full-size prototype of its Air One, a two-seat, buy 'n' fly personal eVTOL aircraft focused on fun.

May 09, 2022

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