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  • How will I charge my AIR ONE?
    The AIR ONE can be charged at home using an installed adapter. Users will also be able to charge their AIR ONE at public EV fast DC charging stations with a standard CCS plug. Charging from an EV AC charging station is possible using a portable adapter that fits inside the AIR ONE’s luggage compartment. We have partnered with EV charging and infrastructure companies in order to provide AIR ONE users a large network of charging options.
  • How long will my battery last?
    In forward flight with one vertical takeoff and one vertical landing, the AIR ONE can remain airborne for up to one hour at optimal cruise speed.
  • What safety mechanisms are designed into the battery pack?
    AIR ONE’s batteries are designed to comply with the same safety standards that batteries currently installed in airliners comply with. These standards ensure prevention of fire propagation. The entire battery compartment is sealed off and enclosed with durable fire-proof casing. Additionally, multiple sensors constantly monitor the health status of each battery cell and provide very early alert prior to any possible hazard.
  • Can I replace my AIR ONE battery?
    Should there be a need, the AIR ONE battery can be replaced by a certified AIR technician.
  • How many battery packs are there?
    The AIR ONE is designed with four battery packs.
  • What safety measures are designed into the AIR ONE?
    The AIR ONE was designed from inception to be an extremely redundant platform which envelopes its occupants in layers of safety nets. The design consists of 8 independent brushless motors and four separate battery packs. In the unlikely event of a fault, the other motors will automatically stabilize the aircraft keeping it stable and in controlled flight. Furthermore, a ballistic parachute is installed into all models as an added layer of safety. AIR is conducting extensive flight testing in accordance with established FAA safety standards in order to acquire type certification.
  • Is the pre-order refundable?
    AIR ONE Pre-Order customers will be refunded their deposit for any reason upon request.
  • Do I need to be a pilot to pre-order?
  • Will the deposit go towards the final cost of the aircraft?
    Yes. The pre-order deposit will be deducted from the final aircraft cost.
  • Can I pre-order if I do not live in the United States?
  • How can I pay the deposit?
    We accept credit card, PayPal, as well as wire transfers to our bank account. Visit for more information.
  • What license will be needed to fly?
    The AIR ONE will require a basic pilot license. While regulation is not final on this matter, we expect something similar to a sports/private pilot license which requires about 20-40 hours of training.
  • What flying limitations will I have?
    The AIR ONE will need to abide by current flight regulations, imposed by local regulators. The AIR ONE's system will ensure that the flight plan is synchronized with the battery range.
  • How long is the training?
    The training is expected to be between 20-40 hours of flight training.
  • What subjects will the training cover?
    Training will comprise both theoretical knowledge and practical flight training. Subjects covered will be similar to those covered in a sports pilot course such as regulations, aviation weather, navigation, etc.
  • Where will I be able to fly the AIR ONE? Airspace restrictions?
    This will be dependent on local regulations. Normally, there should not be a problem flying in uncontrolled airspace such as open country land.
  • Under what certification standard is the ONE being certified?
    The AIR ONE is being certified with the FAA under a version of Part 23 standards, adapted for eVTOL.
  • FAA/EASA/Other Certification?
    Initially, the AIR ONE is being certified with the FAA. Shortly after, we will conduct the process with EASA and other regulators.
  • Will the AIR ONE have a self fly mode?
    The intitial AIR ONE is designed with 'Fly-By-Intent' technology which provides a high level of simplicity for the operator. Simply point the AIR ONE in the direction you want to go, and the system will make the necessary flight adjustments needed to take you there.
  • What does fly-by intent mean?
    Fly-By-Intent is an advanced high-tech system which computes the flight control and makes the necessary inputs based on pilot intent, safety, and aircraft capability, eliminating the opportunity for loss of control.
  • Collision Avoidance systems?
    The AIR ONE is constantly scanning its surrounding using radar, lidar, and other imaging sensing equipment in order to alert the operator to unseen and potentially hazardous obsticles in its flight path and vicinity.
  • Automated check list & preflight?
    The AIR ONE is constantly performing system checks and scans based on required flight profile needed for each stage of flight.
  • Dimensions (extended)
  • Dimensions (folded)
  • Can I land at home?
    Assuming you have enough space to safely land and it is in compliance with local and federal regulations, then it can be done.
  • Trailerable?
    Yes, the AIR ONE is designed to fit into a trailer for extended transport. We will provide an option to purchase a custom trailer for the AIR ONE.
  • How easy is it to fold the wings?
    Folding the wings is extremely simple due to AIR’s patented flooding mechanism. One person can complete the folding process in less than 5 minutes.
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