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Assistant Secretary U.S. DOT and FAA Deputy Administrator visit AIR at EAA

We received a request to present the AIR ONE to the Assistant Secretary DOT, Annie Petsonk, and to the FAA Deputy Administrator, Bradley Mims, while at the Oshkosh EAA AIR Show. The two aviation leaders were able to fly the AIR ONE in our virtual reality simulator as well as receive an in-depth explanation of the company’s mission by CEO Rani Plaut. CTO, Chen Rosen, presented a walkthrough of the AIR ONE’s design and the technology that is instilled into the ONE from inception.

It was an important moment for us to meet with the two as we believe in a close relationship with the regulator. The connections made and smiles around the room were a gentle reminder that we are on track to achieving our mission.

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Ken Purdy
Aug 11, 2022

Have you considered leaving the wings off? That would decrease width and air resistance and weight and cost.

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