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With your pre-order deposit on AIR ONE, you will be one of the first to enjoy the freedom that AIR provides.
Your deposit assures your place in line to receive your AIR ONE just as soon as post-certification-approval production is completed.
We anticipate delivery of your AIR ONE by December 2024. Between now and then, we will be working tirelessly to bring you the world’s finest eVTOL aircraft. If your circumstances change and you are not able to complete your AIR ONE purchase, we will return your deposit with our thanks and best wishes.

Thank you for your trust. We will make every effort to honor that trust and deliver your AIR ONE.

Helipad Business.jpg


Maximum Speed  

250 kmh\155 mph

Cruise Speed     

161 kmh\100 mph


161 km\100 miles

Max Flight Time

1 Hour


8 All-Electric Motors

771 hp

Charging Time

0% to 100%

1 Hour

20% to 80%

30 min



250 kg\550 lb 


H 55\ W 35\ D 22 cm

H 22\ W 14\ D 9 inch


Regulatory approvals for the aircraft in the United States are targeted by Q3, 2023.
Regulatory approvals for other regions are targeted for Q2, 2024.


Aircraft delivery is scheduled for Q4, 2024 (or sooner) in the US.
Other regions' delivery may be delayed by 6 months.

We will provide you with timely updates for the delivery schedule, reflecting regulatory, production and your personal aircraft upgrades status.


The target price for the basic version of the Aircraft is
$150,000, not including taxes or governmental fees.

This price is an estimate and is subject to change.

Your $1,000 deposit will be credited to your purchase upon signed Purchase & U.S. Delivery Agreement.

If you would like to proceed, we’ll send you a password protected link where you pay the preorder amount and proceed to receiving your serial number.

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