A paradigm shift
in personal aviation

A private electric aircraft

parked by your house.

Making the ultimate freedom of flight accessible

AIR is creating personal flying vehicles, unlocking exciting and safe flying experiences at scale. 

“The desire to fly is an idea handed down to us by our ancestors, who looked enviously on the birds soaring freely through space, at full speed, above all obstacles, on the infinite highway of the air.”

- Wilbur Wright

Personal Electric Flying Vehicle

An aircraft, parked beside your house

Owning and operating AIR is as easy as a car. An exciting and practical vertical take-off and landing vehicle, the AIR is designed around people's lifestyles and needs.

Automotive DNA

Aerospace meets Automotive

AIR merges Aerospace's innovation & excellence with Automotive's product maturity & manufacturing techniques.

By doing so, AIR delivers refined vehicles that encapsulate usability, safety, performance, efficiency, and volume production.

Fly by Intent

Intuitive flight control software

A flying experience that couples ultimate freedom with uncompromising safety. AIR's software is the perfect auto-copilot, addressing flight hurdles in real-time and seamlessly turning desires into manoeuvres.

Planet friendly

Great for people and for the planet

AIR has minimal impact on the environment. It is electric, quiet, built to last.  eVTOL infrastructure requires no roads and runways, and therefore its footprint is low.


Fall 2021
Product reveal 

AIR is revolutionizing everyday mobility for everyday people, empowering individuals to seize the power of personal flight.

Combining aerospace innovation with the maturity of automotive technology and uncompromising safety standards, AIR’s first-of-its-kind airEVs will offer the ground-breaking opportunity to easily “drive the sky”.


Founded by Chen Rosen and later joined by Netanel Goldberg and Rani Plaut, AIR is paving the way for a cleaner, more thrilling future of mobility, affording everyone the freedom to fly.

AIR is based in the green fields of Pardes Hanna, outside Tel Aviv, Israel.

“Everybody wants to fly, and with AIR, they finally can. We’re creating fun and functional personal airEVs that will blaze a path towards a new era of air mobility accessible to everyone.

Our company is building airEVs for the reality we live in and the future of our dreams, putting usability, safety and thrill at the forefront of every product decision so we can put the power of flight in every person’s hands.”

- AIR CEO and Co-Founder, Rani Plaut