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All About the AIR ONE

We are continuing to push our full-scale AIR ONE eVTOL to its limits as flight testing continues. Designed from inception with safety and simplicity at the forefront, the AIR ONE is bringing to the world a new class of personal electric aircraft. - 550 LB Payload capacity - 1 hour flight time - 8 Moving parts in the entire design.

Photos From the Field:

3 תגובות

11 ביולי 2023

This is the perfect engineering solution, Really looking forward to this leap in technolgy TF


21 ביוני 2023

Looking forward to fly this toy. I am tired of driving through the rush everyday.

22 ביולי 2023
בתשובה לפוסט של

Only problem... when enough of these things get up in the air, either every onboard computer is going to have to be in communication with every other onboard computer, or "human error" is gonna have a field day. Not everyone is going to be flying the same direction and I don't think "lanes" exist in the air.

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