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When we talk about aircraft, we always think about the safety aspect.

From redundancy to operational capability, and from simplicity to layers of protective software and hardware. We wanted to create something simple. A vehicle that feels more like driving a car than flying an airplane. But how do you create that level of security in a flying platform; let alone trust users to safely operate it without hundreds of hours of flight experience?

Layers. The operator and passenger of an AIR ONE is enveloped in a safety shell that is composed of layers of redundancy, simplicity, and smart mechanisms. The entire design consists of only eight critical moving components-the eight motors. The AIR ONE is extremely redundant and can remain airborne with the loss of a battery pack, motor, and even wing. Sensors are constantly monitoring the surrounding area and alerting the operator of any potential hazards, significantly increasing situational awareness. Loss of control and stalls have basically been eliminated due to the flight characteristics (VTOL capability) and Fly-By-Intent system, which understands the operator's intention and translates that into safe and efficient control inputs. The system is constantly scanning itself, both internally and externally for any faults or discrepancies. Should there be any unwanted situations, the occupants always have the luxury of landing in their present location, or as a last resort, deploying the ballistic parachute.

Together, all these layers provide a high safety aspect to the AIR ONE’s occupants, before taking into account their personal flight experience.


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